Specialists in Correctional Healthcare Staffing

In the correctional environment, we’ve found that experience and preparation are the top factors influencing a clinician’s effectiveness. That’s why our directors – who have real-world experience in correctional healthcare – apply our One-to-One approach to meet your facility’s needs.

Through in-depth study of your facility, we identify the specific challenges correctional healthcare clinicians face. Our clinicians deliver exceptional care while supporting consistent levels of safety with a seasoned Guardian support team behind them each day. Committed to assignments of six months to a year or longer, your new clinicians take their role seriously and maintain their focus for the long-term success of your facility.

Prepared for Your Correctional Environment

We assign a specialist in correctional care for your organization, a Client Staffing Specialist, who is acutely aware of the details of your facility’s work environment, your specific needs, and your unique requirements. Clinicians arrive having already met state regulations and department policies specific to your facility. Furthermore, we prepare all our correctional nurses and clinicians for the correctional environment so that they:
  • Arrive fully licensed and insured to expedite staffing replacements
  • Understand the relationship between security and healthcare
  • Are well-versed in security requirements and protocol
  • Have received specialized training on sharps counts, tool counts, and narcotic counts
  • Are trained on mental health monitoring, seclusion, restraint and related patient issues
Let us help you build a stronger, more consistent level of correctional care with our long-term staffing solutions.